A land of powerful kingdoms ruled by flamboyant maharajas, and the birthplace of Yoga and Ayurveda, India is a country steeped in history and colour. From the high Himalaya and the desert of Rajasthan to the tropical backwaters of Kerala and the colonial architecture of Goa, India is a captivating world waiting to be explored

DISTANCE FROM AIRPORT TO CITY CENTRE: Mumbai: 15 kilometres, Delhi: 16 kilometres, Cochin: 20 kilometres, Thiruvananthapuram: 5 kilometres | FLIGHT TIME: From Delhi (India) to Kathmandu (Nepal) - 2 hours, From Delhi (India) to Paro (Bhutan) - 2 hours | TIME ZONE: GMT +5.5 hours | CURRENCY: Indian Rupee (INR) | LANGUAGES: Hindi and English are the official languages of the Indian government |