Interesting Facts about Paris

  • Paris is by far the largest city in France. It is not only the capital, but the very heart of the country.
  • People travel to Paris from around the world to explore the city’s pretty streets, major museums, fabulous eateries and many cultural and historic sites
  • Paris’s original name was Lutetia Parisiorum
  • One of the biggest holidays in France is Bastille Day on July 14th. Colorful fireworks illuminate the Eiffel Tower, armored tanks trundle down the Champs-Elysees in a military parade, low-flying jet planes rip through the sky, spouting blue, white and red smoke in their wake – all to celebrate the storming of the prison Bastille in 1789 and the release of its prisoners
  • Paris is called the “City of Lights“
  • The sparkling Eiffel Tower – It takes 40 km of illuminated garlands made up of 20,000 sparkling light bulbs to light up this famous Paris landmark.
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